Google Play Music Now Lets You Specify Where Your Music Is Stored


A new Google Play Music update is rolling out now, and it brings with it a number of small but significant new features — one of which is the ability to specify where your downloaded music is stored.

The APK also includes code that hints at SD card support for All Access (Google’s music streaming service), Sound Search integration, and URL sharing.

What you’ll see for now are some minor design changes, the ability to share music from an album or an individual track in that album, and the ability to specify where downloaded music is stored. You cannot choose a certain folder, but you can choose between internal storage and an SD card, which lets you free up space on your device itself.

This option won’t appear on devices without SD card support, however, so if you have a Nexus smartphone or tablet, or an HTC One, or any other device that doesn’t accept microSD cards, it won’t appear.

There are other features in this update, too, but they’re buried in the code and not yet available to users. Android Police has performed its customary APK teardown and found SD card support for All Access, Sound Search integration, more user interface changes, the ability to share music URLs, and coupon support.

Like all Google app updates, this one will rollout gradually, so if you haven’t received it yet you will do so over the coming days. If you’re impatient, follow the source link below to get your hands on the APK.