Costco Selling 3-Packs Of $20 Google Play Gift Cards for $48

Google Play Gift Card 20

Keeping up with the Black Friday spirit, Costco is now selling 3-packs of $20 Google Play gift cards for $48 — that’s $12 off the standard retail price. So, effectively, the mega-retailer is giving you $12 free cash just for shopping with them! This deal will expire Sunday, December 1, so you have plenty of time to take full advantage of this promotion.

As you may already be aware, Costco is primarily a membership-only warehouse club. However, you can purchase the 3-pack of $20 Google Play gift cards on line, without being one, you simply have to pay a non-member surcharge. Don’t be alarmed, though. Even with this surcharge, you’re still saving $7.32, as you’ll only be requested to pay $52.68, which includes the $1.99 post and packaging fee.

Once you’ve purchased your gift cards, and they arrive in the post, you will need to redeem the codes individually and apply them to your account. To do this visit Google Play either from the app on your Android-powered device or on your computer using the web browser, sign into your personal account, visit the “redeem code” section and punch in the codes.

Once the credit has been applied, you’ll be able to use it to purchase apps, movies, books and magazines from Google’s Play Store.

If you want to take advantage of this promotion — click the source link below.