LG G2 To Get KitKat In Canada In ‘Late Q1’

LG G2 Snap

A number of Android smartphone makers — including HTC, Motorola, and even Sony — have all announced their Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade plans for their latest flagship devices, but we haven’t yet heard anything official from LG regarding the G2.

But according to one LG Canada representative, the handset will receive the latest version of Android in “late Q1” 2014.

That seems like a pretty long wait to me, given that the end of the third quarter is in March. Especially when Motorola is already making the software available to its Moto X, and HTC has promised upgrades in January. But with all of the third-party tweaks and changes LG makes to the Android OS, I suppose it’s not too surprising.

The update will be made available to all Canadian carriers at the same time, according to LG’s Court Elliott, though that doesn’t mean that they will all pass the update onto their customers on the same date.

There’s no word on when KitKat might be available to G2 handsets in other territories, but we hope to hear more from LG soon.