Jury Swayed By “Superstar Witness” In Apple V Samsung Trial


Cult of Mac reported early today (or very late last night) that Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple $290 million in its patent trial for copying key features of iOS devices — bringing Apple’s total damages to $930 million.

According to two of the jurors assigned to the case, however, the key factor which swayed the jury in Apple’s came down to just one witness: Chicago-based certified public accountant, Julie L. Davis.

“Ms. Davis was on it,” jury forewoman Colleen Allen has said, describing Julie Davis as a “superstar” who remained steady “even when she was cross-examined.”

Davies made an impression with the jurors when giving an impassioned testimony arguing in favor of Apple against Samsung’s insistence that it pay just $52 million.

Samsung has already said it plans to appeal the decision.