YouTube Apps For Android & iOS Will Let You Send Videos To Xbox One


With less than a day to wait for the new Xbox One, Microsoft has announced that its new console will have an official YouTube app, after all. What’s more, you’ll be able to send videos to it from your Android and iOS devices.

Given Microsoft’s somewhat rocky relationship with Google, it looked like an official YouTube app for the Xbox One might be unlikely — at least for the time being. But the two companies have managed to wrap up a deal and put a YouTube app together in time for the console’s launch on Friday.

“Xbox One will have a dedicated @YouTube video app on day 1,” Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced on Twitter.

The app will provide access to your channel subscriptions, and you’ll be able to control it using your voice and gestures thanks to the Kinect. In addition to this, you’ll be able to find videos on your smartphone using the YouTube apps for Android and iOS, and then send them to your Xbox One.

So you can now sleep comfortably tonight knowing that tomorrow, you’ll be able to show your friends your favorite cat videos in between sessions of Dead Rising 3.