Amazon Lets VIP Customers Try Kindle Fire HDX Free For 30 Days


Amazon is so confident that you’ll love its new Kindle Fire HDX tablet as soon as you start using it that it’s giving “VIP customers” 30 days to try the device before they have to hand over any cash. If those customers then decide they don’t want the device, they can simply hand it back.

Amazon has always given customers a 30-day return period with its Kindle Fire tablets, but for a select few, there’s no need to hand over any money at all until you’ve decided you’re completely happy with the device.

They can try the Kindle Fire HDX — 7- and 8.9-inch varieties — and the Kindle Paperwhite free for a whole month. The retail giant will even ship the tablet for free.

It hopes, of course, that at the end of the 30-day trial, most customers will choose to keep the device and pay up. And it seems like a pretty clever way to sell its new slates.

Amazon doesn’t have brick and mortar retail stores, so customers don’t get the chance to play with its devices before they buy them — unless they go to a third-party reseller. Its regular return period gives customers the chance to use the device for up to a month before they have to decide whether or not to return it, but they still had to hand over their cash first.

This new initiative should be even more popular — though I wouldn’t expect it to be available to regular customers anytime soon.