Custom Kernel Brings The LG G2’s KnockOn Feature To The Nexus 5


When LG put the G2’s buttons on its back, it needed to give users a way to wake up their device without having to constantly pick it up. It came up with KnockOn, a nifty feature that lets you wake the device — and put it back to sleep again — by simply double-tapping on its screen.

Now the same feature can be had on the new Nexus 5 with a custom kernel.

We’ve already seen KnockOn ported to other devices through custom kernels, but they’ve been far from perfect; most are buggy and unreliable, and sometimes cause excessive battery drain. But AndroidBeat reports that the Nexus 5’s version is much-improved.

Its developers have “re-worked” the kernel’s code to make it more reliable and more power efficient, however, it will still cause an additional battery drain of around 0.5-1% every hour. So, that’s around 12% extra usage if you have a 12-hour day, which may or may not be a big thing for you, depending on how much you use your Nexus 5.

If you’re interesting in trying out the feature, you’ll find in in the ElementalX, Bricked, and Faux123 kernels for Nexus 5. You can also check it out in the demonstration video below (please excuse the soundtrack):