Nexus 5 Tweak Delivers Louder Speaker & Headphone Volumes


The Nexus 5 really is a wonderful smartphone. I’ve had mine for just over a week, and I love it. But as you may already know from all the reviews, it’s not perfect. Its display is beautiful, its design is fantastic, and it’s super fast. But its camera needs some improvements, and its speaker is poor.

Thankfully, the latter can be improved thanks to a nifty new tweak that boosts speaker and headphone volumes.

The tweak comes from Drummerjed over at the XDA Developers forum, who points out the following benefits:

– Moves volume sweet spot to 50% vs. stock 80-90%
– Removes need for volume boosting apps that usually distort the audio
– Improved low end at optimal listening levels

You’ll need a rooted Nexus 5 with a custom recovery to install the tweak, and once you have those things, it’s as easy as flashing a ZIP file. It comes in three different flavors — headphone and speaker volume boost, headphone only volume boost, and speaker only volume boost — and all are available to download now via the source link below.

Drummerjed notes that once this tweak is installed, you should not use third-party volume boosting apps simultaneously. If you decide after installation that you don’t like the changes, there is a fourth ZIP file you can flash that resets everything back to stock levels.