Panasonic Set To Re-Enter European Smartphone Market With Super Thin Eluga

Panasonic’s a name the European smartphone market hasn’t heard in quite some time. Hoping to make a comeback, Panasonic has announced their plans for a lightweight, super thin smartphone they’re calling the Eluga. Unveiled at the Panasonic Convention 2012, the Eluga will feature:

  • A 4.3-inch 960 x 540 resolution display
  • A dual-core 1GHz processor
  • 8GB of onboard memory
  • 8MP camera
  • 7.8mm thick
  • Weight: 103 grams
  • Android 2.3 (Android 4.0 update in the summer)

For what it’s worth, the Eluga is also supposed to be waterproof, dustproof and operate as a remote control for Panasonic HDTVs. The Eluga is set to hit Europe in March but there’s no word on price. That’s all the information we have for now but if we learn anything new we’ll let you know.