Samsung Galaxy Gear Now Supports Detailed Notifications From Third-Party Apps


Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Gear back in September as a companion device for its flagship Android-powered smartphone of 2013, the Galaxy Note 3. It’s safe to say that many people were amazed by the concept of having a wearable piece of technology which could be used to receive calls, check notifications and take pictures, but when we got our hands on the device, we were somewhat disappointed.

Frustratingly, the Gear could only prompt the wearer when a notification was received from a third-party app, it couldn’t physically display the said notification. This meant that users had to take out their phone and manually open the notification, which completely invalidated the very positive advantage of having the notification sent to your wrist in the first place.

Thankfully, Samsung heard our cries for help, and is in the process of rolling out an update for the Gear Manager app, which will enable the ability to receive “real notifications.”

As a result, notifications from third-party apps will now be pushed to the Gear without users having to install any type of hack or unauthorized software. Obviously, you still won’t be able to reply to notifications from the Gear, but you will have the facility to take action on favoured notifications.