BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyzer Comes To Android


The BACtrack breathalyzer has been around since the beginning of this year as an iPhone companion, but it’s now available for Android phones running Jelly Bean 4.3.

Like most other smartphone-connected breathalyzers, BACtrack will measure your blood-alcohol level and tell you, via a companion app, whether you’re too drunk to operate a vehicle, or perhaps heavy machinery, and gives you the option of declaring your level of sobriety (or lack thereof) via social network.

Unlike the rest of the pack, BACtrack is a standalone gadget and doesn’t actually plug into a smartphone. Instead, it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth — which might make it somewhat easier to operate by an inebriated user.

Another difference is that BACtrack’s maker says it’s the world’s most accurate smartphone breathalyzer, “equipped with law enforcement-grade fuel cell sensor technology, providing 4-digit test results that can pick up even trace amounts of alcohol – as low as 0.001% BAC,” which sounds pretty impressive, especially when buzzed. You’ll pay for that extra precision though, as the BACtrack is $150 — considerably more expensive than most of its peers.