Moto Maker Pops Up Early On Verizon’s Website


AT&T’s exclusivity on Moto Maker for the Moto X appears to be close to an end after the customization tool popped up on Verizon’s website over the weekend. Recent rumors have claimed that Moto Maker will be available through other carriers from this week, and Verizon’s apparent slip-up seems to confirm that.

Until now, if you wanted to customize your Moto X, you had to order it through AT&T, because the carrier had exclusivity on the Moto Maker tool; its rivals could only sell the standard black and white models. But we always knew that this exclusivity would be temporary.

And now it appears to be coming to an end. Verizon quickly pulled the Moto Maker references from its website shortly after they appeared, but Phandroid managed to capture the screenshot above while the page was still live. We expect it to reappear officially sometime later this week.