Quickoffice Update Brings Improved Google Drive Integration

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Last year, Google acquired Quickoffice, the most popular office suite application on the Play Store, and in September it made the service free for everyone on both Android and iOS. Now the development team at Mountain View are pushing out this apps first major update, which brings dramatically improved Google Drive integration, in addition to a truckload of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Quickoffice has a user base of over 5,000,000 people, making it the most widely used word-processing software on Android. The app provides users with a fully-functional mobile copy of Microsoft Office, which lets them create, edit, view and delete Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents that are stored both locally on their device and in the cloud.

Best of all, any changes you make from your mobile device will not compromise desktop formatting, which is a well-known issue that occurs when using most office suite applications that are available for Android and iOS.

Thanks to this update, if you have both Google Drive and Quickoffice installed on your device, any Docs, Sheets or Slides will automatically open up in Drive, but you will still have full access to the Quickoffice suite from within its standalone app. This means you no longer have to manually link your Google Account to Quickoffice and browse through a never-ending list of folders in order to find the file you have been working on.

The update is now live on Google Play and you can grab it by clicking the source link below.