The LG G Flex Really Flexes Under Pressure (Without Breaking) [Video]


When it came to naming its new curved-glass smartphone, it seems LG didn’t choose the name “G Flex” arbitrarily. Instead, the handset earned that name because it really does bend and flex (without breaking) when you apply enough pressure to it. Check it out in the video below.

It seems strange that LG hasn’t marketed the G Flex’s flexible structure, choosing instead not to mention it at all. But I get the feeling that it doesn’t want its users to be bending their smartphone unnecessarily. It’s there if you need it, but you shouldn’t take advantage of it — just in case.

But it’s quite remarkable just how bendable the G Flex is — as you’ll see in the video below. You can lay it face-down on a flat surface and push down on the center of the device to flatten out its curve, and it will bounce back to its original form seemingly unharmed (though it’s unclear what kind of stress you’re putting on its internal components).

Again, just because the G Flex is flexible, it doesn’t mean you should flex it if you have one. Your new party trick should not be turning your curved smartphone into a flat one, because you never know when it will go wrong.