Carphone Warehouse Stops Selling £295 SIM-Free Nexus 5


Smartphone retailer Carphone Warhouse has stopped selling the SIM-free Nexus 5 at a very attractive £295 less than a week after the handset made its public debut. The company says that only a “limited number” of handsets were available SIM-free, and that it will only be selling the Nexus 5 on contract going forward.

Fortunately, you can still pick up the SIM-free device from Google Play for pretty much the same price (£299), but it was nice to have Carphone Warehouse as a second option. Particularly now that Google Play is sold out, and new customers are facing a wait of up to three weeks.

If you don’t mind taking out a contract for the device, then Carphone Warehouse is still happy to serve you. It’s offering tariffs starting at just £21 per month, and you won’t have to pay a penny for the handset upfront. If you take out selected 4G tariffs, the company will also give you a free Nexus 7 (first-generation).

Carphone Warehouse currently has the white Nexus 5 in stock and ready to ship, while the black models are expected to be ready for delivery on November 15.