Android 4.4 KitKat Brings Hidden Improvements For Photo Sphere


Android 4.4 is without doubt one of the most impressive operating system updates we have seen as of yet, bringing a completely revamped user interface and a multitude of new features. However, one feature refinement we have been slow to pick up on in this upgrade is in the incredibly popular Photo Sphere function.

In an effort to enhance production of the panoramic image, Google has improved image stitching to find the “ideal place to stitch the individual images together to avoid moving objects, people, or otherwise difficult spots,” through a technique the team at Mountain View refer to as, “Optimal Seam Finding.”

Prior to this update, if you were taking a photosphere and you changed the angle you were holding your device ever-so-slightly, the final image would become distorted. According to many Nexus 5 users, Android 4.4 fixes this widely-recognized issue. Of course, to get the best results from your photosphere you’ll want to keep your phone in the same position, and not go waving it about.

In addition, the Photo Sphere development team have also made several changes to the source code to improve photospheres in “challenging” situations, for example, indoors, or in low-light conditions.

To find out more about the alterations made to Photo Sphere in Android 4.4 KitKat, click the source link below.