Samsung Apologizes To Chinese Customers Following Report Into Faulty Phones


Samsung has apologized to Chinese customers following a report from China’s state TV that alleged the South Korean company had sold devices with malfunctioning memory chips. The problem, which affects seven Samsung smartphones in total, causes the devices to crash randomly when they’re being used.

The report said that the problem could be solved with a $100 memory chip replacement that was not covered by the handset’s warranty, but Samsung, which enjoys a successful business in China where it generates almost 14% of its overall revenue, has said that it will repair the seven faulty devices free of charge.

It will also refund those who have already paid to have the problem fixed.

Samsung blamed “management problems” for the issue, which can be found in its hugely popular Galaxy S series of devices, and the Galaxy Note line, and can cause the device to crash several times a day without warning. The company issued a statement that says it “sincerely apologizes” to Chinese customers for the inconveniences caused.

Samsung isn’t the first consumer electronics giant to face the wrath of China Central Television (CCTV). Back in April, Apple CEO Tim Cook was forced to issue an apology to customers over its warranty practices in China following another damning report from the station that claimed Apple didn’t provide replacement devices to customers there like it did in other markets.