Motorola Attempts To Lure iPhone Owners To Moto X With New Migration Tool


Could you be persuaded to give up your iPhone and switch to Android if you were given a really simple tool to transfer all of your important data? Motorola is certainly hoping so with its new web-based migration tool that takes all of your contacts and calendar events from iCloud and puts them on a Moto X.

The new tool is part of the MotoMaker website, which lets you customize your Moto X handset before you purchase it. After you’ve purchased your device, you’ll see a confirmation page that asks if you’d like to use Migrate. Tell it you have an iPhone and login with your iCloud details and it will automatically take your contacts and calendar data and transfer it over.

It’s not a complete migration tool, then — if you want to bring other data across you’ll have to do that using different means. But Motorola’s Punit Soni, who announced the new tool on Google+, admits “there is a long way to go,” and that this is just the start.

So, will you be swapping your iPhone for a Moto X any time soon?