TVCatchup Loses Popular Channels Following Legal Dispute


For telly addicts in the U.K., the free TVCatchup app for Android and iOS makes it easy for them to watch live TV channels while they’re on the go. But thanks to an ongoing legal dispute with a number of public service broadcasters, the app’s developers have been forced to pull popular feeds, including ITV and Channel 4.

The great thing about the TVCatchup app is that it brought a whole host of live TV feeds into one location. While most of them are available through their own dedicated apps, the ability to flick between them all in just one made life a lot easier. Furthermore, the app provides a somewhat simple experience without all the clutter that others bring.

But unfortunately, it’s not quite as useful as it was before, because a number of channels have had to be pulled from the service due to an ongoing legal dispute between TVCatchup and a number of public service broadcasters.

“We enjoy excellent relationships with most of those whose content we carry, but this sadly hasn’t proved to be the case with all of the public service broadcasters (PSBs),” TVCatchup explained in a statement.

“Whilst the outcome so far of the ensuing proceedings has been undeniably favourable to TVC, the rights that have been granted in the process entail certain responsibilities on our part. We pride ourselves in always working within the law, we accordingly felt it necessary to remove a certain amount of the channels to avoid perpetuating contention.”

Some of the channels now have redirect links to the broadcaster’s own live streaming service, while others have had to be pulled altogether. Channels you won’t find on TVCatchup anymore, then, include ITV1-4, Channel 4, Channel 5, E4, More 4, 4 Seven, Five Star, Film Four, Four Music, and CITV.