Yahoo! Mail Apps Get Conversations, Themes, 1TB Of Storage & More


Yahoo! has today updated its Yahoo! Mail apps for Android and iOS to introduce support for threaded messages (which it is calling “Conversations”), themes, and 1TB of storage for every user. That’s enough to store 500,000 to 1 million attachments, Yahoo! says, or 6,000 years’ worth of emails for the average user.

Yahoo! Mail’s new design looks like it was inspired by its Weather app, which recently won an Apple Design Award. It’s mostly transparent, and you can select themes based on photos or solid colors to customize its appearance. It fits in beautifully in iOS 7, and it even sports some parallax effects.

In addition to this, Yahoo! Mail now supports threaded messages, which the company is calling Conversations. So if you get several replies to one email, or your talking to several people about the same topic, then all of those messages will be grouped together — just like they are in Gmail, or the built-in Mail app on iOS.

Yahoo! has also made a number of Yahoo! “Mail Plus” features free, including disposable email addresses, POP email, and mail forwarding. You’ll still have to put up with the advertisements, though they can be removed for a $49.95 annual fee.

You can download the latest Yahoo! Mail app for Android and iOS now.