Microsoft Brings Wordament With Xbox Live Achievements To Android


Wordament, the word game from Microsoft that brought Xbox Live achievements to iOS for the first time back in December 2012, is now available on Android. Players can login with their Xbox gamertag to play the game and earn up to 50G for competing simple tasks, such as playing ten rounds, or finding the longest possible word in a round.

When you open up Wordament for the first time, simply sign in with your Microsoft account and the game will sync your friends and leaderboards, and allow you to play against Xbox Live “frenemies.” It won’t sync your achievements across different platforms, however, which means you can earn points on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone for completing the same tasks.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an Xbox gamertag, though; you can also play Wordament as a guest, or login with your Facebook credentials.

The aim of the game is to find as many words as you can on a board of letters, each of which will earn you a certain number of points. Each round is played online with thousands of players taking part, and those with the highest number of points win. Not only will you want to find as many words as you can, but you’ll also want to make them as long as possible.

You can download Wordament for free from Google Play by following the source link below.