The Galaxy Note 3 Lets You Shrink Its Display For One-Handed Use [Video]


While the Galaxy Note 3’s massive, 5.7-inch displays is great for watching movies and playing games, it makes the handset very difficult to use with one hand. Thankfully, Samsung built a nifty little feature into TouchWiz that shrinks the entire contents of the screen for all those times when you can’t get both your mitts on it.

Samsung sort of addressed this problem with the original Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II by giving users a smaller keyboard that allowed them to type with one hand, but navigating menus and apps was still a problem. That’s not the case with the Galaxy Note 3, though.

Check out the video below from Android Central that demonstrates the new feature:

While this feature makes the Galaxy Note 3’s huge display kind of pointless, and most owners are unlikely to use it, it will be incredibly useful for some. You can now check your Twitter feed or play Words With Friends while you’re in a line at the store with a basket in your other hand — which you wouldn’t have been able to do on a Galaxy Note without this feature.

As noted in the video, though, Samsung doesn’t enable this feature by default, so you’ll have to do that yourself if you want to use it. Once it is activated, though, it’s pretty easy to access when you need it.