Samsung: We Made Gold Phones Before Apple Ever Did


Over the last couple of years Samsung has earned itself a reputation for using Apple products as “inspiration” and then copying them in the most blatant ways possible.

The fury of Apple fans was ignited again last week as Samsung was caught shamelessly copying the Apple’s new golden iPhone creation – the golden iPhone 5s – when the South Korean smartphone maker announced it would be selling a gold variant of the Galaxy S4. Apple fans were quick to dismiss the smartphone as another copycat move,but Samsung took to its corporate blog to explain that it’s totally not copying the gold iPhone because they’ve made tons of gold phones in the past (kind of).

Samsung Tomorrow notes that Samsung started offering the GALAXY Golden flip-phone just a couple of months ago. Another flip-phone, the Samsung SHW-A330S “Wise 2“ was also offered in gold in 2012.


While Samsung has made a couple of other feature phones in gold since 2007, the only smartphone its made in gold was the limited Giorgio Armani smartphone that no one purchased in 2009. Apple doesn’t hold any patents on the color gold, nor is it the first to offer a gold smartphone, but it’s interesting that Samsung is just now offering its flagship phone in gold only after Apple made the move first.