Android Device Manager Now Offers Remote Locking For Lost & Stolen Devices


Android Device Manager, a new tool that was released just last month that makes it easy to track your Android-powered devices when they go missing, can now remotely lock them, too. The new feature, added today, means you can secure the precious data on your device and prevent it from ending up in the wrong hands.

Many of us don’t bother setting up a passcode or alternative lock on our smartphones and tablets because they’re far too cumbersome, but we quickly regret that when they go missing. Thanks to Android Device Manager, however, we can now add them remotely — after the device has disappeared — to protect our content.

Even if you have set up a lock screen security method before, then Android Device Manager can override it with a new password.

You device needs to be in contact with Google’s servers for this process to be completed, so if it’s turned off or airplane mode is active, then the new password will be pushed out as soon as a connection is reestablished again. When you get your device back, simply enter the new password to unlock it and you’re good to go.

If your device is never recovered, then of course you can also use Android Device Manager to remotely wipe it and delete all of your data.