New Firefox For Android Beta Brings Guest Browsing

firefox beta

A new Firefox beta for Android is out today, and among its changes is a new guest browsing feature that will make you feel more comfortable about letting your friends use your phone to surf the web. The update also brings mixed content blocking, and support for add-on indicators in the URL bar.

With guest browsing inside the latest version of Firefox, you can hand your phone to your friend when they want to browse the web and not have to worry that they’ll close your open tabs, delete your bookmarks, or look at your slightly questionable browsing history.

Guest mode essentially gives them their own profile, completely separate from your own, with its own set of data. They can’t access any of your tabs, bookmarks, or history while they’re surfing, and when they’re done, you can end their session and all of their data will be deleted.

In addition to this, this update enabled mixed content blocking “to protects users from man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdroppers on HTTPS pages,” and allows add-ons to add indicators to the URL bar. It also adds Romanian, Irish, and Ukrainian localization, and a number of other improvements.

To find out more about the latest Firefox beta for Android, including instructions on how to download it, click the source link below.