Republic Wireless To Begin Selling Moto X Contract-Free For $299 [Rumor]


Republic Wireless is set to begin selling the Moto X off-contract for $299, according to a number of search results found on the carrier’s website. The company has already teased “a big announcement” coming this week, and it appears the Moto X will be it.

If you look at the silhouette of the device in the teaser below, it looks a lot like the Moto X — which inspired one Reddit user to head on over to the Republic Wireless website and search for the device. Although no Moto X page was found, a Moto X FAQ did appear before the search results were removed.


One of the questions in the FAQ was “how much does the Moto X cost?” The answer: “The Moto X will retail at $299 (plus taxes and surcharges) in the Republic Wireless store. That’s right – we took a $599 phone, added Republic’s great hybrid service and slashed the price to $299 for a no contract plan.”

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 15.25.34

Republic’s right to get excited about the Moto X’s $299 price tag — that’s pretty incredible for a device some carriers are charging $599 for contract-free. It’s also $350 less than the developer edition. Granted, Republic’s handset is likely to be locked to the Republic network, but it’s still a great deal — even with its $19 (or $29) unlimited talk, text, and data plan.

We’re expecting Republic to make the Moto X official either later today, or sometime tomorrow.