Google Wallet Update Brings Cloud Support, Stability Improvements & More!


Google is rolling out an update for its official Wallet app on Google Play. This upgrade brings several improvements to the user interface, support for any credit/debit card, as well as support for a shedload of new devices – Wallet will now run on any Android device running 2.3 or higher. However, at this precise moment in time, Wallet will still continue to remain a Google exclusive for U.S. residents.

The official Google Wallet app now supports any credit or debit card that can be activated in the United States. In addition, users will now have the ability to scan loyalty cards on-the-go and use them whilst shopping in physical stores, thus eliminating the annoying restriction which meant that you could only redeem gift cards with Wallet when shopping online.

Functionality has been extended for loyalty card redemption to all Android devices, and not just those with a secure NFC connection to the Google servers.

Now, if you loose your phone, you can disable your mobile Wallet from the ‘Devices’ section of the Google Wallet website, meaning that all of your credit/debit card details, loyalty cards and gift certificates will be backed-up to your Wallet account, and removed from the lost handset.

The full changelog for the update can be seen below:

Wallet, meet cloud.

The Google Wallet app supports any credit or debit card — Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. You can use your Google Wallet for in-store purchases using a phone, or for online purchases at participating merchants.
If you lose your phone, you can disable your mobile wallet from the ‘Devices’ section of
This latest update includes improvements to the user interface, application stability, and new handset support.
If you wish to download the Wallet update from Google Play, simply click the source link below.