Big Box Edition Of Non-Limited Android Mini Figurines Showing Up In Retail Stores

If you’re a fan of Android mini-collectibles but never seem to be quick enough to grab them when they go on sale, we’ve got some good news for you. It appears boxes of non-limited Android mini figures have been shipping out to retail stores. Next time you’re out and about, you may want to check your local Urban Outfitters, FYE, or Barnes & Noble.

The figurines in this collection may not be limited edition, but they’re still cool and geeky. Any Android fan would be proud to own one of these amazing collectibles:

  • Bear Tagged
  • Business Android
  • Pinkey
  • Ruby
  • Standard Green
  • Taxi
  • Yeti

A couple people have reported the figurines are going for about $10 each over at Urban Outfitters but that’s the only info I’ve seen so far. If you happen to come across these sweet mini-figurines, shoot us a comment about where you saw them and how much they were charging for them. Let the hunt begin.