Google Keyboard Update Brings Long-Press Numbers For Tablets & Bug Fixes

Google Keyboard Header

Yesterday, Google pushed out an update for its official Keyboard application on Google Play, bringing users the new function of a long-press action for numbers when using an Android tablet. In addition, a mass of bug fixes and stability improvements have also been bundled into this upgrade.

The implementation of long-press numbers for tablets enables users to enjoy a smoother and more efficient typing experience. Instead of having an extra row of numbers, or having to navigate to a separate section of the keyboard, you now have the option of holding down the Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U,I,O and P buttons in order to type the number that corresponds to each individual letter.

The changelog for the update can be seen below:

  • Added long-press numbers to the top row of tablet layouts.
  • Tuned keyboard layouts for some languages.
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements.

The update is already live and available to download on Google Play – simply click the source link below to do so.