Google Updates Play Store Policies To Ban Apps & Ads Modifying Devices


Yesterday, Google sent out an email to all third-party Android developers, informing them that significant changes have been made to the Google Play Developer Program. The alterations affect apps as well as the advertising practices that they use.

The main objective of theses new guidelines is to essentially ban unauthorized device interference. Applications in the Play Store can no longer modify device settings or other apps performances without permission, nor can they install bookmarks or icons that promote/advertise a third-party service.

The team at Mountain View HQ are also enforcing a new rule which states that all in-app purchases of virtual goods must go through its secure Google Wallet billing system. This regulation has been instated to prevent funds being unlawfully extorted from customers without a service being provided in return.

Any new applications developed will have to follow the new guidelines instantly, whilst developers of existing apps have 30-days to make the necessary changes.