Wunderlist For Android Gets Google+ Login & Faster Syncing In Latest Update


Wunderlist, one of the most popular multi-platform task management clients, has today been updated on Android to add Google+ login and faster syncing. The update is available to download now from Google Play, and as always, it’s completely free.

“We’ve improved how Wunderlist for Android talks to our servers, making sync faster and more efficient,” developer 6Wunderkinder says in the release notes for the latest Wunderlist update. The company also promises a long list of bug fixes, which should improve stability and performance.

In addition to this, you can now log into the app using your Google+ credentials, which means you no longer need to set up a dedicated Wunderlist account. This is a feature that will also be making its way to other platforms soon, so you’ll still be able to sync all of your to-do lists between all of your devices.

Grab the latest Wunderlist update from Google Play now.