Foxconn Already Producing Amazon Kindle Fire 2 For Early 2012 Launch [Rumor]

Its first generation Kindle Fire hasn’t even launched hit store shelves yet, but already Amazon has the Foxconn factory in China knocking up its successor, the Kindle Fire 2, with plans to ship the device during the first half of 2012.

According to a report from DigiTimes that cites a source with “Taiwan-based makers,” Foxconn Electronics has already secured orders for Amazon’s second-generation tablet, which, according to earlier reports, is the device that Amazon is most proud of.

I wouldn’t be too happy about this news if I’d recently pre-ordered the first-generation Kindle Fire, however. Although sources for DigiTimes are often inaccurate, I’d be a little disappointed that a second-generation tablet could launch less than six months after I’d purchased the first one.

The first-generation $199 device is produced by Quanta Computer, because Foxconn was too busy with Apple’s iPad 2 to take on this device as well, rumors claim. With orders for the second-generation device secured, however, Foxconn will be producing 80% of the world’s tablet, according to the report:

“With Apple’s iPad 2, Sony’s Tablet S and Amazon’s second-generation Kindle Fire all produced by Foxconn, the sources estimated that close to 80% of worldwide tablet PC shipments will be supplied by the company in the future.”

Although we know very little about Amazon’s second tablet at this point, it is expected to be a huge improvement over its predecessor, with rumors claiming that the device will boast a bigger screen, a faster processor, cameras, and 3G connectivity.

Are you excited about the Kindle Fire 2?