Samsung’s New Galaxy S4 Battery Kit Lets You Charge A Spare While You Drain The Other


Samsung today unveiled a new battery kit accessory for the Galaxy S4 which allows you to charge up a spare battery while you use another inside your device. The kit includes a second battery, a protective case, and a nifty little charging unit that accepts a micro USB cable.

The charging kit allow you to use your Galaxy S4 for longer in between charges by swapping out its battery for a fresh one when it’s dead, and it’s ideal for those lengthy road trips or long days away from the office.

The idea is that while you’re using your Galaxy S4 — or while it’s charging — you can also charge a spare inside the charging unit. When it’s ready, you can stick it inside the protective plastic case and throw it in your bag or your pocket, and it’s good to go when the battery inside your Galaxy S4 gives up halfway through the day.

The battery included in the kit has a 2,600mAh capacity, which is what you get from a standard Galaxy S4 battery.

Technically, the battery kit isn’t new — it’s been on sale in Samsung’s native South Korea for some time — but it’s now available to order in the U.S. direct from Samsung’s website, and from some third-party retailers, priced at $49.99.