Snooze You Lose: Android Gains Ground in Business as Apple Fans Wait

Android use in business gained ground during the latest quarter as some workers sat on the sidelines, waiting for Apple to announce a new iPhone. As a result, Android phones in business saw a slight uptick with iPhone use falling a near equal amount. The old adage seems to apply: Snooze, you lose.

Android smartphone used by employees rose to 39 percent of all enterprise smartphones during the latest quarter, up from 33 the previous three-month period, according to Good Technology. Good helps companies manage mobile devices.

By comparison, the iPhone fell to 61 percent of employees, down from 66 percent. A similar downward slide could be seen with the iPhone 4 in business, the handset falling to 28 percent of employees, down from 32 percent, according to Good. The changes appear directly correlated to timing of the iPhone 4S, as the measurement firm noticed iPhone activations in business rose 25 percent the weekend that the iPhone 4S was released.

The growth of Android devices in the workplace likely began as Apple shifted from its usual mid-summer unveiling of a new iPhone to early October, providing some breathing space for smartphones based on the Google mobile software. The same could not be said for the tablet market.

According to Good, Apple’s iPad comprised 96 percent of tablet activation, providing little room for Android alternatives to gain any ground.

“While more and more devices running the tablet-tuned Honeycomb version of Google’s Android operating system have been released, Android tablet activations within Good’s customer base remain in the realm of a rounding error compared to what we’re seeing with iPad and iPad 2,” John Herrema, senior vice president of Corporate Strategy at Good Technology, said.