BaconReader For Reddit Gets A Sizzling Update

If you’re a reddit user, chances are you’ve heard of baconreader. It’s the go-to Android app for your reddit needs — and also happens to have the tastiest app name around. If your a user of baconreader, you may be interested to know it got quite an update today. Tons of features were added, including Beam support for NFC-enabled Ice Cream Sandwich devices. Other features added include:

  • Widget points to selected subreddit, and refreshes at selected frequency
  • Widget supports scrolling and resizing on Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich devices
  • Supports Hardware Acceleration
  • Posts, widgets, external images and gifs, and comments load more quickly due to component rewrites
  • Widget points to the appropriate story in the application

It still seems to be missing edit functionality, but hopefully they’ll include that in the next update. If you haven’t grabbed the updated version yet, head over to the Android Market or follow the links below.

Android Market Link | BaconReader Free | BaconReader Premium