Seesmic For Android Receives A Long Overdue Update

It was starting to look like the once popular social media management tool Seesmic had been abandoned. It’s been over six months since it’s seen any kind of support, leaving many of its users to abandon ship. Well, it’s still very much alive, and if you’re still a devout Seesmic user, you’ll be happy to hear it’s finally received an update. While it still lacks Honeycomb support, this update does bring some bug fixes along with:

  • Updates to address issues with Trending Topics
  • Support for links
  • Dropped Google Buzz support

No monumental improvements other than support for links, but at least support for the app still exists. What do you guys say? Is it too late, have you already dumped Seesmic for something else? Will it be another 6+ months before it receives another update? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, if you’re still using Seesmic, you’re going to want to go ahead and grab the update from the Android Market.

Android Market Link | Seesmic