Samsung: Galaxy Nexus Designed to Be ‘100% Free’ of Apple Patents

Samsung is looking to avoid any more bruising court battles with Apple over patent infringement. That desire is so strong, the CEO of the South Korean company confirms its Galaxy Nexus smartphone is designed to “avoid everything we can.”

Samsung mobile president Shin Jong-kyun told the Yohhap News that “we will see” if the Galaxy Nexus “will be 100 percent free” of technology covered by Apple patents. Shin admitted the extended court wrangling has hurt the company, saying “what we are losing is the pride in our brand.” Last week, Samsung and Google pulled the Galaxy Nexus from the CTIA. Although the move was initially attributed to the firms paying respect for the death of competitor Apple CEO Steve Jobs, it now appears the phone was yanked to make changes, including dropping some features in Android 4.0 (codenamed “ice cream sandwich”) in order to avoid the wrath of the Cupertino, Calif. iPhone and iPad maker.

Earlier this month, Apple won a court victory in Australia, after a federal judge there stopped sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 until a full hearing could be convened and the two parties work out an agreement. That ruling is expected to doom holiday sales of the tablet which Apple charged too closely resembles the iPad. In September, a German court also banned Samsung from selling the tablet there. Meanwhile, Apple is also seeking sales injunctions against Samsung in a number of other nations.

Despite the most recent comments by Samsung leaders, the company appears prepared to fight to stop Apple sales of the iPhone 4S. The South Korean company has filed motions for preliminary injunctions against Apple in Australia, Italy, France and Japan.