Google Hires Apple’s Former Senior Director Of Product Integrity To Work On Secret Project

Google is working on a “secret project” that must need some product integrity as they’ve hired Apple senior director of product integrity Simon Prakash. Simon has worked for Apple for over eight years and is responsible for helping Apple remain top among product quality. This seems to be the first time Google has hired such a senior-level person directly from Apple, and this would certainly put the kibosh on any agreement Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs may have had regarding poaching employees.

So what exactly is Google working on that they would go after such a senior level guy like Simon? It could be anything, but this move seems to coincide with all of Google’s recent X lab stuff. While Google’s X Lab is just as mysterious, it’s rumored to be working on some sort of Android powered smart glasses that would feature a heads up display for relaying information from the cloud.

Whatever “secret project” Simon was hired for, I’m sure it’s going to be big, and I’m sure he’ll do an excellent job. What do you guys think Google has planned for Simon and this “secret project?” We’d love to hear your wild ideas.