Verizon Introduces New 500MB “Share Everything” Plan For $40 Per Month

Verizon Share Everything

Verizon has furtively added another option to its lower-cost smartphone schemes by introducing a 500MB data package for its “Share Everything” plans. These bundles offer a single package of data, unlimited calls, and texts across a number of devices.

This lower-tier of 500MB of data on the “Share Everything” plan will cost $40 per month; just $10 less than the 1GB plan and $20 less than the 2GB plan. Since this data is shared across all of your devices, you will have to fork out an additional $40 per month for each smartphone and $10 for each tablet registered.

The addition of this new option means that the entry price for a single smartphone will be $80 per month, prior to the inclusion of taxes and fees – that’s a lot of money to pay for just 500MB of data per month.

These updated structures come just 11 days after AT&T introduced a new, cheaper $20 per month 300MB data plan to its Mobile Share packages; tallying in at a total of $70 per month for one smartphone.

Topping the affordability charts is Sprint, who currently offers 1GB of data for $70 per month (for one handset), making it the more affordable alternative if you’re in the market for mobile data.

Click the source link below to enroll in one of Verizon’s “Share Everything” plans, if you think it’s worth it.