LG’s New Slogan Sounds Awfully Familiar


“Life’s Good,” or at least it used to be for LG. But not so much anymore, it seems. The company has today announced that it’s old slogan has been replaced by “It’s All Possible” — but it already sounds awfully familiar.

To highlight the company’s dedication to delivering differentiated values and experiences, LG Electronics (LG) today unveils a new brand identity strategy revolving around the theme, “It’s All Possible,” LG announced in its press release today.

“The communications and branding strategy is also an acknowledgement of the many changes in technology and consumer behavior that have taken place in recent years. The new theme will convey LG’s consumer focused goals to inspire, empower and make consumers smile.”

Makes sense. But did LG think up its new slogan all by itself? Some might presume that it was inspired by Huawei, which announced a new slogan of its own — “Make It Possible” — at Mobile World Congress back in February. They’re not exactly the same, but you could certainly confuse the two.

LG probably didn’t set out to copy Huawei; after all, why would it want to? While Huawei is successful, particularly in China, it’s not as if it’s a behemoth that LG is hoping to emulate. So it’s probably an innocent move. But it’s one that likely to cause confusion for many.