Samsung Confirms Galaxy S III Delays; Won’t Be Showing Up At Mobile World Congress This Year

If you were hoping to get a look at the Galaxy S II successor this month at MWC, grab yourself a Kleenex because it’s not going to happen. Samsung has confirmed that they will not be unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S III at MWC in Barcelona, but will instead be launching it at a separate Samsung event to be scheduled later this year. Some reports are saying we’ll see it before the summer, but at this point, who knows.

We’re not sure the cause for the delay but Samsung has stated that it will still be showing off some “new and exciting devices” this month at MWC:

“Samsung is looking forward to introducing and demonstrating exciting new mobile products at Mobile World Congress 2012.

The successor to the Galaxy S II smartphone will be unveiled at a separate Samsung-hosted event in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product.

Samsung stays committed to providing the best possible mobile experiences for customers around the world.”

There you have it, no Galaxy S III for now, but stay tuned for tons of rumors as to when it will finally be launched. At least I can enjoy my Galaxy Nexus a bit longer before feigning over another device.