Best Buy Offering $50 Gift Card To Anyone Who Upgrades To A New Phone Before December 31, 2012 [Deal Alert]

Best Buy is offering up a $50 Gift Card to anyone who upgrades to a new phone before the end of the year. The promo is actually a bit confusing as you have to already have an existing mobile number and you must register that number before February 12, 2012 to be eligible for the promo. Then, when you finally decide to upgrade your phone, you must upgrade using the number you registered and then you will be provided with your $50 gift card. Whew, I’m glad I got that cleared that up.

It certainly isn’t the easiest promotion, but if you plan on upgrading through Best Buy at some point this year, it’s worth registering your number now. You only have until February 12th to register for this promo so hit the source link below and reserve your $50 gift card today.

via Droid-Life