ASUS To Unveil The PadFone Next Month At Mobile World Congress

It looks as if the ASUS Padfone will indeed debut at Mobile World Congress according to a report from Paul O’Brien of Modaco. It’s been in production for quite some time and continues to undergo changes before its final release. Many of you have been waiting for the phone that fits inside a tablet concept to hit the market and you may be surprised to find it looking a tad different than the last time you saw it.

Reports have been coming in saying the Padfone will end up with NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor even though the CES demo had a Snapdragon S4 (MSM8960). The device should also come with Android 4.0 and there have been reports that they will be removing any hardware buttons to compensate for Android 4.0’s on-screen software buttons. There’s aslo a few other design changes that may be made before we see the final product, but either way, this is looking to be one unique device.

If you haven’t seen the Padfone yet, it essentially has a tablet in which you can dock your phone for larger viewing. Everything is still controlled via the phone but you won’t notice a difference thanks to the Ice Cream Sandwich UI. I know my brother is really looking forward to this device and the only thing that concerns me at this point it battery life and price. We’ll be keeping an eye out for this one at Mobile World Congress, as I’m extremely interested in how well it functions, especially when upscaling apps and video to the larger tablet screen.

We’ve still got a few weeks, so kick back and watch the ASUS design team do their thing: