AgileBits Teases 1Password Update For Android


AgileBits has teased a much-need update for its Android app that will bring a fresh new look and presumablyh new features. The last time 1Password for Android was updated was January 2012, and it’s aged a heck of a lot since then, falling way behind its Mac and iOS counterparts.

“So, I’m rooting around in our Dropbox to get a closer look at that shot, right?” writes David Chartier on the AgileBits blog. “And I stumble across two screenshots that, if I didn’t know any better, look a little Android-y. Now, I could be wrong, but let’s be real here. I’m probably not.”

As you can see from the screenshots above, 1Password for Android now looks completely different. It better fits Android’s Holo user interface guidelines, and it’s a mammoth improvement over the current release — which I’ll be surprised if anyone is still using.

But unfortunately, Chartier does not reveal when the update will be available. “You’ll know more when I do,” he says, so I suppose we’ll have to wait for more information — or for it to appear in Google Play.