The Developer Resources Continue: Android Developers Now On Google+

Google has been piling on the resources for developers as of late. It’s all part of their goal to help developers create an awesome and consistent experience for their Android apps. While resources and tutorials are great, nothing beats the help of a good old fashioned human being. That’s why Google’s Android Development team has launched a dedicated Google+ page where developers can meet and discuss the latest in Android app development with the very people who fuel the project.

The page is live, and will be a place where the Android developer team will be posting development tips, discussing updates to the SDK and developer tools, highlighting new Android training classes, and posting video and pics from Android developer events around the world. The Android developer team will also be taking full advantage of Google+ Hangouts to interact and field questions regarding developing for Android:

We’ll also be using Google+ Hangouts to help us all interact even more closely. Starting with weekly broadcast office-hours on Hangouts On Air to answer Android development questions. These will happen every Wednesday at 2pm Pacific Time (10pm UTS) in Mountain View—expect to see these hangouts in more time zones as our teams in London, Sydney, and Tokyo get involved. Each hangout will be recorded for YouTube, so if you can’t join us live you won’t miss out.

Developing for any platform can be a daunting task so its nice to see Google providing so many resources for developers, both new and experienced. Hopefully it will lead to an all-around better developing experience and help encourage the development process even further. The Google+ page only went live a few hours ago so there’s not much up yet, but be sure to add them to your circles so you don’t miss out on the wealth of knowledge these experienced developers have to share.

via Android Developers Blog