LG Shows Off The World’s Slimmest Full HD Smartphone Display


LG has announced a new 5.2-inch LCD screen that the company claims holds the title of the world’s slimmest full HD smartphone display. Measuring in at an amazing 2.2mm’s thick combined with an ultra-slim 2.3mm bezel, your smartphone will be able to have a perfect sized screen with a little less bulk.

The new HD display has been unofficially nicknamed “Advanced One-Glass-Solution”, by LG because it enables a crystal clear display in an incredibly thin panel.

This remarkable new technology is made possible by the use of dual-flexible printed circuits that have been inserted between the glass itself and the touch film. This effectively reduces the number of electronic lines etched on the panel circuit by more than 30%.

Instead of using a traditional method to glue the display to the circuit board, LG is using a new bonding system which fully utilizes a clear resin to merge all of the components together into an extremely small package.

The OEM claims that its new technology will offer superior visibility outdoors, along with a better contrast ratio and a significantly increased brightness; bringing the rate up to 535 nits. The 1080×1920 panels use a true RGB pixel configuration.

Adding all these features together should result in the new display being able to outperform every other HD LCD panel on the market.

The full press release can be seen below:

Seoul, Korea (July 11, 2013) – LG Display [NYSE: LPL, KRX: 034220], a leading innovator of display technology, today announced that it will unveil the world’s slimmest Full HD LCD panel for smartphones. The state-of-the-art 5.2-inch panel is an exciting advancement for the premium mobile device market enabling sleeker Full HD smartphones featuring better “grip-ability” and a superior viewing experience.

Only 2.2mm thin with a 2.3mm bezel, LG Display’s new panel is both slimmest and narrowest among existing Full HD LCD panels designed for mobile devices. This world’s slimmest Full HD LCD panel will provide larger visible display space on smartphones, critical as mobile devices are used for multimedia viewing more than ever before. Additionally, the panel will make devices easier to grip as well as lighter in weight.

Key to realizing the world’s slimmest panel is LG Display’s Advanced One-Glass-Solution (OGS), the latest touch technology enabling an enhanced touch screen experience, developed and applied to the new panel for the first time ever. Dual Flexible Printed Circuits, superior to a single circuit, have been inserted between the panel and touch film, reducing the number of lines on the panel by more than 30 percent. Utilization of a direct bonding system has also resulted in Optical Clear Resin between the panel and touch film for greater brightness.

The new panel’s superiority in displaying resolution, brightness, and contrast ratio results in enhanced outdoor readability. By utilizing 1,080X1,920 pixels consisting of Red, Green, Blue (RGB) sub-pixels, the panel is a true Full HD display. And with a brightness of 535 nits at maximum, LG Display’s panel outperforms all current mobile Full HD LCD panels. Finally, measuring contrast in real-life surroundings with Ambient Contrast Ratio results in a reading of 3.74:1 based on 10,000 lux, confirming the perfect performance of the panel even in strong outdoor sunlight conditions. Renowned testing firm Intertek has officially certified these results.

“Today’s introduction of the world’s slimmest Full HD LCD panel represents an exciting advancement for the high-end smartphone segment, and is possible due to our world-class expertise in IPS and touch technologies,” said Dr. Byeong-Koo Kim, Vice President and Head of LG Display’s IT and Mobile Development Group. “LG Display will continue its commitment to developing products that maximize consumer value as well as opening new doors for the mobile and tablet PC industry.”