Motorola Announces “Developer Edition” RAZR With Unlockable/Relockable Bootloader

Motorola hasn’t quite opened up to the idea of unlockable bootloaders as many would have hoped, but their latest announcement shows that at least they aren’t completely “closed” to the concept. Today Motorola announced a “Developer Edition” RAZR for Europe that will feature an unlockable/relockable bootloader along with all the usual RAZR goodies. They also announced that a developer device would be coming soon to the US but no specifics were given.

If you’d like to get your hands on one of these Developer Edition RAZRs, they’ve gone up for pre-order over at the Motorola-Shop and can be yours for €499. As for the US version, Motorola says to keep an eye on Motorola’s Developer site as additional info should be coming soon. This is all part of Motorola’s solution to continue meeting their carrier and regulatory obligations, while also meeting the needs being expressed by the developer community. If you’d like more information on the Developer Edition Motorola RAZR and their plans for a US developer edition, follow the source links below.

, Motorola-Shop, MOTODEV