Is The EasyAcc Wi-Stor Wizard The Only Travel Accessory You Need? [Review]

This battery pack certainly packs a punch.

This battery pack certainly packs a punch.

The Wi-Stor Wizard could potentially be considered the mother of all battery packs as it acts as a Wi-Fi router, wireless storage platform, sharing medium and power bank.

[4 in 1] Wi-Stor Wizard Wi-Fi Storage Disk & Share System by EasyAcc
Category: Battery Pack
Works With: Android Smartphones/Tablets
Price: $59.99

The Wi-Stor isn’t particularly good-looking, nor is it lightweight, but it does have one very appealing feature — an 8,800mAh battery, capable of charging any tablet or smartphone from 0% to 100% in a matter of hours.

The Good

By far the best thing about the [4 in 1] Wi-Stor Wizard is the incredible amount of features it has crammed into one relatively small package. Measuring in at 3.7 inches tall, 2.1 inches wide, 0.63 inches thick, and weighing 9.12 oz, the device isn’t exactly what you would call back-pocket material; unless of course, you don’t mind your trousers ending up around your ankles at some point during the day.

Powering the device is a 8,800mAh battery, but don’t be fooled by the capacity of the power unit because this juice is also used to power the Wi-Stor itself, in addition to charging your smartphone/tablet, but it’s still more than capable of charging any handset from 0% to 100%.

Don’t be fooled by the capacity of the power unit because this juice is also used to power the Wi-Stor itself.

Unlike any other battery pack on the market, the EasyAcc Wi-Stor Wizard also acts as a WiFi router, wireless storage platform and wireless sharing medium, and some features work better than others.

The inclusion of a Wi-Fi router automatically creates a wireless network, enabling you to insert an ethernet cable into the WAN/LAN port, located on the back of the device. This in turn, will allow you to instantly start connecting wireless devices to the internet. This makes it the perfect travel companion.

It’s hard to find fault with the build quality; the construction is strong and sturdy, and it will definitely withstand the odd knock or two that it is more than likely to incur. I’ve been using my unit for a while now on long journeys, whether it be on a train or in the car, I have been quite heavy-handed with the Wi-Stor and to be totally honest… It works great and has no dents or scratches.

The Bad

On the down side, the Wi-Stor takes an eternity to charge. In fact, it takes longer to charge the built-in 8,800mAh battery than it does to charge a standard external 11,000mAh battery. This is probably due to the fact that the only way to charge the device is by using a 1A (Amp) micro-USB cable plugged into the mains. If the Wi-Stor charged at 2A (Amps) it would make much more sense as it would charge at the same rate it discharges when powering a thirsty device, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

The Wi-Stor itself is incredibly top-heavy, and if the top of the device overhangs a surface it has a tendency to fall off.

The Wi-Stor takes an eternity to charge.

Finally, the Wireless storage feature is fairly temperamental. In my experience,  the device tends to disconnect from your smartphone or tablet in the middle of a media upload, and consequently the uploading files become corrupt; it is then necessary to start the lengthy process all over again.

The Verdict

The [4 in 1] Wi-Stor Wizard is an extremely impressive battery pack which certainly packs a punch in regards to its features, most of which work perfectly, except for the Wireless storage which is a bit hit and miss, everything else does exactly what it says on the box, although the device is extremely slow to charge, this is an area that EasyAcc could work on, but all-in-all it’s a great battery pack.

Product Name: : [4 in 1] Wi-Stor Wizard Wi-Fi Storage Disk & Share System
The Good: Contains a lot of battery power. Solid construction and fairly durable. Packed full of great features which other battery packs on the market fail to offer.
The Bad: Takes an extremely long period of time to charge. Fairly heavy, weighing in at 10oz.
The Verdict: A great battery pack that is jam-packed with features which are guaranteed to make travelling easier.
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