Snapchat Update Brings New Look, New Features, Improvements


Snapchat, the service that’s become so popular with those who like to send pictures of their genitalia to friends and random strangers, just got a nice new update on Android to fix its ugly. In addition to a new look, there are a few new features, and some improvements that will make the app a little snappier.

Snapchat’s new look has been tailored to better fit Android’s holo user interface guidelines, so it looks less like its iOS counterpart and more like a real Android app. It’s cleaner, which isn’t usually a word you would associate with Snapchat.

On top of this, there are some big improvements to the camera. The annoying blue bar along the bottom has been removed and replaced by transparent buttons that allow you to see your entire before before you send it off.

The update also brings a new swipe gesture to access snaps and friends, improvements to search, and more. It’s available to download from Google Play now.