Android’s Share May Be Bigger, But iOS Continues To Dominate Advertising [Report]


Android’s share of the worldwide smartphone market may be sizably bigger than that of its rivals, but when it comes to mobile advertising, iOS remains king. According to the latest data from mobile ad firm Velti, Apple’s share grew from 59% to 64% between May 2012 and May 2013.

The iPhone 5 was the biggest contributor to the rise, with its share rising 7.4% during the 12-month period; while the iPhone’s share overall grew 15%. The iPad’s share also grew by 3.7%, but it was a different story for the iPod touch, which saw big losses.

Velti expects iOS’s share to fall in the coming months as consumers await the launch of new devices, with new iPhones and iPads expected this fall. But as soon as those devices begin shipping, the numbers are likely to rise again.

Samsung’s Android-powered devices have also seen their share of mobile advertising rise, but TechCrunch notes that the rate of the climb isn’t “anywhere near” what iOS is enjoying.

When it comes to carriers, the once-dominant AT&T is handing share to Verizon, while Sprint had also lost share since May 2012. As for T-Mobile, it’s “barely scratching to surface,” though that may have changed since the company launched its new “UnCarrier” plans earlier this year.

While mobile advertising figures may seem insignificant to some, they’re a great way to gauge which platforms boast the best app engagement and monetization potential. They show that while here may be more Android devices around, it’s iOS that’s best in these areas, which is why it’s so popular with developers and continues to provide the best ecosystem there is.